Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hive 5 August Improve block for MJ.

MJ requested a block with beach/ocean themed colors in an improvy fashion. I just began cutting and sewing and came up with this. I hope it will play well with the rest. It was fun to make with no rules , just create as you go.  

Hive 7 - August Block for Mary

Sorry for the delay.  Had to "borrow" some teal from a friend.

August Block - Tic Tac Toe - For Stephanie

An easy block for a busy and hot month....These colors will make a beautiful quilt....

Its on its way tomorrow!!!

Hive #1 August block

There is a heatwave coming to our country :-(

I had to make the block today, otherwise the rest of the week will be too hot 
and I don't do hot too well.... :-)

Thanks Stephanie for this easy but lovely block!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gelb und Grau

It appears I remember >< much high school German.  Carmit's block is done and will be off to Germany later this week.  My kid goes back to school tomorrow so I can go. to. the. post. office. alone.  Woohoo!

August Hive 8 Block for Lee

When I first started making this block, I found the angles a bit challenging...

Trying to figure out how to flip the pieces and still have the right size square!  After the first couple I got the hang of it but decided to do them larger and trim down.

That seemed to be a bit of waste but I much preferred having plenty of room to work with and options on where I wanted to trim to make the squares.

So here it is all finished and on it's way! 

I so enjoyed putting this together that I made enough additional squares for the center of a small quilt that I'll add some borders to and back for a gift.

As far as fabric lines... there are so many that I see and would love to buy but I'm really trying to use my stash and I've found that just as sure as I think I must have that line... another one comes along that's just as pretty.

Lisa M.

Hive 3 August Block for Sandy

Two blocks for Sandy's quilt.  These were quick and went together so easily - a perfect block for August.  It's in the mail tomorrow.  I know Sandy wanted bright colors so I hope these play well with the other blocks.
Looking forward to seeing the end result.

August Hive 9

Fun and easy little block!  Love anything that gets me into my scrap bin - have you noticed that they are like a bowl of rice - they never, ever go away!  No matter how many scraps you use.  So I was really happy to pick some pretties!  My most recent quilts have used a lot of navy and that was at the top of the bin so I had to keep putting it back.  But I like the pieces that ultimately ended up in the block, hope you do, too!

Going in the mail today!


Mary's Block - Stash Bee in August (Hive 7)

I really like this block!

 Dieser Block gefällt mir sehr!

 The block is called Quatrefoil; Mary chose teal, lime, navy blue and white for her block.

 Der Block heisst "Quatrefoil"; Mary wollte die Farben blau-grün, Limone, dunkelblau und weiss.

And here is my block:

Und hier ist mein Block:


 I fussy cut the teal fabric so that there are always two dark teal shapes (top and bottom petal) and two light teal shapes (left and right) in the center and that they are running in the same direction.

 Ich habe den Blau-grünen Stoff so zugeschnitten, dass es immer zwei dunklere (oben und unten) Formen in der Mitte gibt, und zwei hellere Formen (rechts und links) in der Mitte gibt. 

This block will make a beautiful quilt!

 Aus diesen Blöcken gibt es sicher eine schöne Quilt! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thoroughly Modern MJ

I loved creating this block! MJ asked for beachy colors in solids or modern prints. I pulled a batik print, taupe, and shades of Balize blue. She suggested her pal Jennifer's modern interpretation on traditional blocks and I can't thank MJ enough for that rabbit hole of awesomeness. Wheeeee! I chose Patience Corners, block # 41. Why? Because that is the name of the Quilt Shop where I took my first quilt class from Roberta Horton back in 1980. It is now New Pieces Quilt Store.

Patience Corners is a traditional block that has been around for ever. Can you believe that I have never sewn this block? Me either. So I tackled it and loved it so much that I made 4 little blocks and sewed them together. I want to make a whole quilt in this wonky improve style because I love the look. Without further ado, here it is: